Saturday, December 3, 2011

december photo project Day 2: Have I died and gone to grocery store heaven?

So as you can tell with this photo project, I'm posting the day after. It's only way I'll be able to keep up. So here's Day 2, December 2nd:

My favorite store Whole Foods, just as you walk in the door, my heart beats faster-in a good way. I'm not so happy about how much everything costs, but I could get lost in this store and all it's healthy, allergy-free, vegan, organic, handmade, eco-friendliness.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Yep. I'm still alive and still as random as you think kids can kill brain cells?

Well, hellooooo there! Did you miss me, I mean really, did you? I hope so, cuz I sure did miss you...whoever you are still checking in on this here blog.

Do I dare get into all the reasons, excuses for not blogging for the past month? It could be downright depressing, but I'm guessing that it's not something new, for we all have dry spells and chaos spells where the world around us just doesn't stop spinning. I fight it with all I have....

Oh, okay I have to interrupt this blog post to bring you the very fresh words from my five year old..."Mom, do I look like I'm yummy?" I am trying to begin this blog post and listening to my daughter in the kitchen who is clearly done with her food, but is sloshing water all over her tray. Can I just get a break here? "Uh yeah, Asher you look very yummy."

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I was trying to find a way to intro this post with the whole awkward "I'm sorry it's been so long" speech. Screw it. You get the gist.

Okay, so to help launch myself back into blogging here and to launch our fam into the advent season. I've decided to take part in The December Photo Project 2011 that I found via Facebook. I think you should do it with me. It's like most other photo projects...take one photo everyday...yada yada.

Oh...excuse me...she is finally saying "Auh dun" I need to go wipe the sloppy mess off her and out of her hair...I'll be back...........

....okay that was fun. Now where were we? You see? This is why I find it so hard to blog. But I wanted to blog through chaos tonight so that you could see just why I might suffer from Brainfarts as a mom. And in my attempt to be very raw with you, I am totally taking this challenge, even if I cannot come up with very creative things or angles in my photographs....

....uh, kids are screaming, give me a moment.
Oh, yeah, advent and this photo challenge thing. Anyway, it will be sort of like a day in our life if you want to call it that. And this blog post is ringing under the same theme, because this is my life. I could blog later when they go to bed. But when I get alone time, I would rather not be on the computer, well, I will watch something on the computer, but usually I'm working if I'm on the computer.

And you know what? I want to crochet. Yep, that's right, I'm like an old granny, I just want to crochet. Only if I do that too long sometimes my fingers start to feel it, man, talk about old lady.

Or maybe I could take a long luxurious bubble bath. Well, if those darn kids stay in bed then I could possibly pull it off. Are you getting the picture here?

Okay so back to the subject (I am the queen of random right?). So the advent stuff? I've got more to come on that, but we are trying to be real intentional. And just like the photo challenge, I could easily fail anyone of these challenges, just giving you a heads up. But I'm really gonna try.

And with that: Here is my photo for today:
Day 1 (December 1)
Precious Lydie Bugs. She turned 2 yesterday. We did a small family party, I didn't get any amazing professional quality photos of her in a field with flags or by a pond with a tutu or on an antique chair drug into the wilderness with a nice glowing after affect. Fail. She's actually very hard to snap pictures of these days. But I did capture her doing what she does best. Examining her toes. She does this daily, it's so stinkin cute. And I keep telling myself that next year we'll have amazing photos and an over the top birthday party. Cuz next year I will be the amazing mom of my dreams, right? Let's hope so.

okay bedtime. For this blog and for the kids :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

My best idea yet.

The Real Housewives of Nebraska...

This year's Halloween costume, cost me NADA
I didn't have to do my hair or my makeup. And not only that, I was working on great skin all night (that's a real clay mask) and it doesn't rub off like halloween makeup. Oh and my hair was full of volume when those curlers came out. 

And I was so comfy bowling in my slippers that I helped lead my 5 yr old to a victorious 79 points, and that's with bumpers ya'll. :)

I was probably upstaged by my high-fiving adorable fairy and my super strong Captain America's, I was seeing double.

As for the actual Halloween night. I couldn't get them to hold still long enough. This was the best picture out of all of them.

I wish I could have captured their excitement. Lydie couldn't stop moving, she did this funny walk shuffle all night when she learned that a simple "trick or treat" would score her something in a brightly colored package that she thinks is the most wonderful treat on that planet.

But does she really know? I mean, aren't mama's cupcakes the most wonderful treat on the planet? And Asher ditched his mask and shield within seconds of our journey.

He was more focused with saying the appropriate things to yield the desired results. He kept saying "what's the word? Is it trick or treat or is it happy halloween?" at-every-single-house! We finally said, just ask your sister. She had picked up the Classical Conditioning fairly fast. 

And it's pretty fun how parents eat their children's Halloween candy after they go to bed that night. We say we need to sort them and check them, but you and I know what is really going on.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Deep Julie

We may never be rich, but we can always be clean


I just don't get it when I see a SHOE on the side of the road. 
Any road, highway, sidewalk, side street. 
I think "shoes, are not cheap, and how you can get along with only one shoe?" 
I mean, do people just toss them out their car windows 
or were the kids feet just hanging out the window 
and..."oops, mom there went my shoe"?
If my kid 
did that 
we would 
pull the car
and I 
would walk them 
to go fetch it. 
We can't afford to just throw our shoes out the window. 
And if it's not that, 
then should the police be investigating some kind of child kidnapping or something, 
obviously there was some kind of struggle if a shoe came off. 


Kids meal toys are not overrated
In fact I choose where we are going to get lunch based on it. So you fast food places that have stopped giving out toys and still cost the same as the restaurants that do, really tick me off. I know, some of them offer an ice cream treat. But do I want my kids bouncing off the wall later or content playing with a "free" toy? If you are going to offer a treat (however your cookies and rice krispie bars are killin' me cuz my kids can't eat them), then at least make it a coupon I can bring back (without an expiration) when we decide to indulge in your sugary goodness. Thank you. 


You can change your attitude from the inside out, 
it's possible. 
If you put a little effort to 
put a smile on your face 
or raise your brows 
or brighten up your eyes, 
when you are out in public, 
you'd be surprised how your inside starts to 
believe it. 


You cannot call it "creepin" on Facebook... 
if I've for one: made you a friend, and for two: made all of that info and photos publicly available.


Stop worrying about what other's think 
because they are not actually thinking about you, they are thinking about themselves.


Worry doesn't actually help anything, 
it just steals time off of your life. 
The only thing worth worrying about is the stuff that you cannot do anything about, 
so then, what's the point of worrying about that?


If you constantly complain about how busy you are, 
then perhaps you think that being super busy is some kind of success symbol. 
In that case, you are bragging, not complaining. 
And if you were truly complaining and want to change that, 
guess what? You can! :)


Buying used stuff or getting stuff for free 
is not a habit of the poor, 
it is the habit of the wise. 
But what you do with the stuff could determine if you are wise or if you are a hoarder. 


LIFE IS LIKE A JUMP ROPE. up. down. up.  down 

(not my words, but those of a kid's band called Blue October
You've got to check them out!) 
And while your at it, 
check out 
They must be Giants
we are grooving to the song "I am a Paleontologist."


Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh no you didn't just blog without a photo...

You know, I have so many blog ideas written down in my idea notebook, I've got about 10 half written posts and I've got a computer filled with photos. So why don't I blog more often? I always overthink my way out of ideas. It starts out great and then the words don't come together....I think..."this is not funny enough"...I rewrite...I think...there are no photos for this post...erase. And so many times I just quit. The kids are crying in the background, the dishes and laundry are calling. There are several other important jobs that need to be done. 

The truth is, I have some really exciting things I plan to launch from this blog in the future, but I keep waiting for the time to be right. It's like before you have kids and you keep saying "we just aren't ready, we are not financially stable enough, or whatever your excuse is," I always tell those couples now: in that case you will never be ready and ps kids don't have to cost that much. 

Well, when is there a good time to jump into this blogging thing completely full forced and unabashed? There will always be bloggers that are funnier, who have better photographs, more interesting stories, better advice, more creativity and more craftiness. 

I've been inspired by this gal lately: Her names is Karen. I found her over at Happily Ever After.
I had poked in at her blog every once and a while and thought it was cute. Then one day she hit 100 followers and blogged about how amazing that felt and how much she loves blogging. I was curious as to how someone reaches 100 followers, let alone 3,000, like some other blogs I follow. She was kind enough to answer me. So we started emailing and I learned a lot about her. I told her about Delight Gluten Free Magazine and she told me a little about Mitochondrial Apathy (hope that's spelled right) and her family's food allergies and intolerances. She is very sweet.  And you know what? She just blogs about life. He doesn't always have a ton of pictures (she does today), she doesn't have an Etsy store or a design business. She isn't sarcastic and cunning. She is sweet and honest and real. And that's why, now over 100, people follow her and even more love her and read her blog.

So I'm going to be more real with you. I am going to TRY to stop second guessing every blog post, idea, photo, whatever that I put out there. But I am going to try something else too. I am going to force myself to keep writing, even if it's about nothing, consistency is a good thing.

So, hence the reason you have a post like this today. I am trying to post three times a week. perhaps Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be best. So keep checking out Bedhead and Brainfarts. As I get more comfortable  with this, I will launch some of the fun ideas I have in store: like DIY projects, foodie fun, great advice and cute little creative crafts (that's right, and I'm not even a crafter).

PS. A note to some of my family and friends that read this blog
1. Will you become a follower? It's super easy and if you want me to post a tutorial on how to follow a blog without even having a blog I would love to do that for you. Leave a comment below if you're interested.
2. I just figured out how to set my settings so that ANYONE can leave a comment. So now, you don't even need to have a blog, a blogger account, or be signed into anything. You can leave it anonymously and just type your name in the comment space.
3. If you don't have a blog, I would like to encourage you to start one and I would love to help you. Leave a comment about it, or email me: julie (at) delightglutenfree (dot) com. I can help you get started and even help with your design if you'd like.

That's all for today, thanks for reading folks!

Oh okay, fine, so here is a completely unrelated photo, for your viewing pleasure

Monday, October 3, 2011

good things (only not from Martha Stewart)

In today's world, with all the demands on women, mothers, family and life sometimes I can start to look at all the things going wrong in my daily life and it really sucks the life out of a positive attitude.
Occasionally there are things that we do in life that just bring that sense that "everything is alright in the world" even if it isn't, where a long deep breathe is refreshing, and a smile on your face is effortless.

For me, I want to right these things down. Sort a go-to list that I can continue to add to. A place to turn when my pessimism takes over and my brain overthinks, overcompares, when I overdo the self guilt-trips and I overdo it with my unrealistic standards.

So here are some of the ways I like to LOOSE myself:

 playing with my kids
Undivided attention, I free myself from thinking about jobs, housework, blogging, and anylyzing myself and I can loose my self in the simplicity and innocence that they produce with brilliant colors and the smell of peanut butter. I was reminded of this when we used Smasher's free pass to the Children's Museum when he was out of school last week:

Get some fresh air
This not only important for your mood but for your phsyiological self as well. Studies have been done linking depression and hormonal imbalances to the a vitamin D3 deficiency. With all the use of sunscreen and with all the good stuff on television, I guess we just aren't getting this as naturally as we thought. I suggest supplements all the way. But going outside even for as little as 15 minutes a day (w/out sunscreen) and soaking up any sun that you may have will definately help to put your world back together when it's all fallin down around ya. Plus it just feels good to get some fresh air and get a little bit of exercise perhaps.

We did that as a family this past week, and these pics were straight from my phone. 

Clean your bathroom
I cannot believe how quickly the bathroom gets dirty and when it get's cleaned, like right before guests come over, I enjoy it for days. I feel like a queen sitting on a clean toilet and washing my face and teeth in a gleaming white sink. If the rug is clean and fluffy, the towels are fresh and the smell is tingling to my sense. Something is at peace in my world. If you haven't taken note of how you feel when your bathroom is clean, I challenge you to evaluate your mood and thoughts using your clean bathroom and tell me if it doesn't just add a little sunshine to your day.

 Clean the sheets 
We don't have a ton of money, but I've done my best to buy the highest thread count sheets that I can afford, which is sadly somewhere between 300-600. Buy your pillowcases in the highest thread count separate from the rest of your sheets if you need to get lower thread count sheets. It will pleasantly surprise you. But besides having soft sheets, cleaning them, which seems so easy but yet, so tough to get around to sometimes, will definitely add some peace to your quiet. I actually keep a couple sheet spray mixes around at my house to freshen up sheets in between washings and to keep my bed feeling like we're sleeping at the SPA. It's no wonder I'm never happy with the beds at hotels, nothing compares to what is waiting for us at home. Sometimes I bring the sheet spray with me on trips.
Oh and ps. I also spray my guest towels with this spray. awesomeness!
Linen Water from World Market and AromaTherapy pillow spray from Bath and Body Works.

 a music mix.
Does music move you?  I'm so surprised at how it can take me out of funk. Sometimes I need a mellow coffee mix and sometimes I need music that makes me want a bust a move. I do recomend you BUST A MOVE DAILY. Involve your kids. As far as what to put on your mix. Well, I am not the expert here but here is what is currently on mine. And let me recomend to you, Spotify. Totally satsified with this little gem. It's free and you can have a gazillion different mixes, one for every move. My husband and I share an account so we can access all of our mixes from any computer, and you can put a little icon on your dashboard to have them at your access in one click. You can even get the free app for your digital device.
My Morning Mix (this is to get me going): 
(this is not inspirational music, this is strictly to get me to bust a move)
Good Life by OneRepublic (the clean version)
Background Ft. C-Lite by Lecrae
The Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco
Tonight Tonight by Hot Chelle Rae
Poker Face by Lady Gaga
Baby by Justin Bieber, Ludacris
I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas
Raise Your Glass by P!nk (the clean version)
Misery by Maroon 5

 Sex Making Love oops I said it!
If you're married, and especially if you have kids...(you know what, that's all I'm gonna say for now)

Cup of Joe  need I say more 
Oh yes, in fact I do have more to say. For the longest time now I have had this weird after taste with my cups of coffee. I've contributed it to my creamer. You know what's in that stuff? Sugar or Corn Syrup (even if you get the sugar free, they still use the corn syrup) and a bunch of other words I can't pronounce. Well, between one of these ingredients, my sweet tooth is aching and there is a nasty film on my toungue. I had tried the "Natural Bliss" version of these creamers to slim down the ingredients list and my coffee still wasn't flavorful and creamy. Until now:

Behold Le Creme, my favorite flavors are Cinnamon Vanilla and Hazelnut, has very few ingredients and it doesn't leave that a film, bad aftertaste or any of the other things I was complaining about.  I usually use Sumatra Starbucks Ground Coffee (it's extra bold, not to be confused with extra strong), the flavor is rich and adding creamer just makes it creamy.

and if coffee's not your thing, drink green tea, that antioxidants alone should affect something. 

Make a list  check it off
But I'm not talking about your normal to do list. Dream with your husband and/or your kids and make a list of stuff you want to do together or dream of doing and START doing it! We started this with Our September List (a monthly list of stuff the kids and I want to do and research and create). We didn't get everything accomplished on our September list, so that doesn't feel great. However, the rules to the monthly list are that if things don't get accomplished and we still want to do them, we can move them to the next month. It feels good to be intentional.

Light candles, turn on your Sensi, plug in your Bath and Body Works wall flowers, spray your shower with the Target shower spray that smells like mint. Whatever you do, get those beautiful aromas around you and it should affect your mood. Especially this Fall, there are sense of Apple Pie, Cookies Baking and harvest-y scents that can really lift my mood, even if the kids are screaming. Or you could just go bake one of those things, if that is your thing and fill the house with those scents naturally. 

Do something for YOU for once 
Many natural remedies to mood swings, hormonal imbalances, stress and depression are basically slowing and taking better care of you, the caretaker who is always taking caring of everybody else! Whether it's doing your own laundry first, finally painting your nails, putting on a seaweed mask, reading a few chapters of your favorite book, making for dinner or dessert YOUR favorite dish, Asking the hubs to take the kids for an hour or two so you can go to the library (for yourself)/coffeeshop/barnes and noble/ or your favorite store, or just taking a nap. Even a quiet drive to yourself around town will definitely help you grab a little self time.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


What if I told you that you could create adorable patio furniture, amazing headboards, gorgeous bookshelves, coffee tables, a playhouse, a whole bed, mirror frames, even a whole house for almost free? Would you be interested? 

Well, how free it is depends on your access to wood pallets.In my town, I've discovered a few spots to snag them. Many business sit them out by the dumpster because it's not worth it for them to resell. However, if you cannot find them for free you should be able to buy them used for pretty cheap. 
 Now if you've got the right plan and the right tools, and you have access to some free wood pallets, let me show you some of the amazing things you could create:
gorgeous, I'm obsessed!
daybeds anyone?

I will try 
not to giggle 
like a little girl 
for this one!

Oh headboards, yes, of course! Uh-mazing. 

So what are you waiting for? Are you inspired to go wood pallet hunting? I can't wait to start hoarding snatching up some and planning my next project. 
I would love to hear any other ideas of what you have done with wood pallets or wish you could do with wood pallets. 

photo credits and websites you've GOT to check out(some of them have the building plans):

Also, speaking of FREE...

we caught an air show one of these weekends here and were blown away, literally, by the amazing speed and performance of many old and new aircrafts. We got to sit in cock-pits, tour army hangers, and get up close and personal with fighter jets. *ooh, my favorite was the Stealth Bombers hovering above, gives me chills.

We were able to see the blue angels perform, and if you have not had a chance to see them, it is a must, especially for free entertainment. 
The photos don't quite capture the awesomeness displayed by there performance. The only suggestion I make...earplugs. 

The aircrafts were so close you could almost feel it, and your ear drums definitely felt it. 

But then, there was tradegy that struck.
As people gasped in horror and stopped in their tracks, the explosion quickly turned to dark plumes of smoke.
And people honestly looked around to read the faces of others who may have been to something like this before to see if this was a hoax. Sure enough it was. Just a demo people!
But did I have you going? 

artistically speaking, 

And I've just got to say. 
I love marriage
I love being a family
I love our little adventures!
I love this little life we've created
been given by God
and nothing matters more to me in this little life

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