Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm out...

I know, right? Just one or two blog posts in and I’m hi-tailing it to the white sandy beaches of Mexico. But when a vaca opportunity with my hunk comes up, I gots to take it! Smasher and Bitty will manage without us for a few days and Mama and Daddy will get some much needed R-n-R from our crazy early risers.

So, since this isn’t a very long trip we have planned to make the most of it. Here is our checklist:

Okay so there will be other things like some kind of sunset cruise, a little night life action and some major bonding. Oh, yes, there will be bonding. Cuz when you’re married to a physcho-analyzer, planner, lets-talk-some-more-about-why-we-love-eachother wife there will be bonding. So hopefully I balance that out with my ultra laid back man that would find it incredibly easy to be a beach-bum-livin-on-a-surf-board kind of guy. And I find that super sexy by the way.

Okay so in between all this sleepin’ and bummin’ (oh yeah and bonding), I do plan to catch up on some reading. I’m WAY behind. Here’s my stack:

So really, there is something you must know about me. I am a chronic non-finisher of books, a yeah-yeah-I-got-the-point-in-the-first-chapter kind of reader. Seriously, I've probably read at least a chapter over half of these books. And I always set my standards too high especially when it comes to books and then just run out of time. My hubby is helping me to set more realistic goals so I'm working on it. I’ll keep ya posted. But that lesson starts here.

I actually only ended up taking three books with me.(the rest will be explained at a later time.

Ordering Your Private World – because when I started it with a group of ladies back in CO, it was amazing and totally hit on what I was struggling with. Well, I didn’t finish of course and now it’s another year later and I find myself still struggling, so…HI…My name is Julie (Hi Julie)…and I WILL finish a book this time (yay…applause…you can do it). Thanks for the encouragement.

The 4 Hour Work Week – Well, the title and subtitle are a little deceiving, a friend recomended this book. It's more about structuring your work and life in a better way. We'll see, this one is experimental if anything. 

But another thing you should know about me. I am a self-help book addict. Yikes, don’t tell my husband (ok he knows). Someday I will post about all my self-help books. 

His Needs/Her Needs – Okay, so when I gave this book to my husband on our 9th anniversary, he looked at me kind of scared and said “How to build an affair proof marriage???” Just imagine his voice getting real high at the end of marriage, like that astonished question asking sound. I said “well, but, it’s about our needs, and the front cover looked nice.” Good design gets me every time. But I think it’s more about the photo of the happy couple walking on the beach that got me. 

It even got my kids because I found them both curled up in Bitty’s bed with it pretending to read it. They were either practicing to be good spouses or acting like a married couple..yikes!

Okay, imagine me taking a long awaited nap somewhere where the sun is bright, the salty breeze is fresh and the sound of crashing waves is constant. I’ll see ya in a week! But for now I'll be...



Justina Dean said...

Ooh! Have fun! I'm so excited to be able keep up on the Luse life!

Jami said...

ok, i already love you! You have the best blog name ever! I hope you have soo much fun ;)

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