Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just do it..

I've been toying with the idea of launching a blog for some time now. There are days when every moment of the day seems like an inspirational blog post and then you hit those days that you say to yourself "are you crazy, who would read this stuff?". 

There are two things that have ultimately pushed me over the to-blog or not-to-blog debate. Smasher (more to come on the nickname) is now 5 years old and is graduating preschool on Friday. With the looming thoughts of kindergarten in the Fall, I keep asking myself in dumbfound wonder...where have the last 5 years gone? Knowing that I haven't plunged into the scrapbooking world and beating myself up about not writing down more memories have pushed me to document more of my children's moments in the best way I know how...digitally.

The second reason is that the Hubs and I are celebrating 9 years this week. Nine years already. That's almost ten people. Don't you remember older married couples saying "oh just wait ten years" to your new puppy dog love eyes as a newlywed? Now we are there. I want to make sure the next ten are still sizzling, and that, my friends, is going to take some reflection and a blog would be a perfect way to document some of our greatest adventures to come. 

I step lightly into this blogging world for fear of what others might think of my thoughts or topics, but let's just say it...this blog is really for me and for family and good friends. Shall I gain followers of anyone beyond that, then hopefully it's because people find it interesting, funny, perhaps inspirational. I'll do my best. I may not be as funny as Jami from Meet The Nato's, whose blog I have become a fan of. Or as witty and inspirational as my friend Lauren from Something Real. But in my own way, I hope to make a little mark on the world and let God use our journey to relate with others and hold myself accountable to take in these fleeting moments/blessings and reflect on so many others. 

So....heres we go people! 

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