Friday, June 24, 2011

Hey Target...I've got a fabulous idea for you!

Okay, so this is going to sound horrible. But I'm at Target the other day, like usual just there for a few things. And like usual, I've got to trek across the whole store for the few things I need. Meanwhile, my angelic children flip a switch after we make it through the automated doors, and it is suddenly mass chaos. They turn into little gremlins, can't sit still for a minute, screaming, complaining, fighting and I am on the verge of a breakdown. ugh!

(this was not the seen that day, but how I had envisioned it all going down)
And then it hit me, this thought, that I am somewhat ashamed of. I'm not big on drop-in child care centers, but my thought:

What if Target had drop-in childcare for mom's who needed to get some shopping done and kids that are less than thrilled to be there?

I know, I can't believe I said it either. But then I got to thinking. Target Inc. would really profit from this. Mom's would stay longer, spend more, and mom's are more likely to also spend more when they are in a calm happy mood. In that case, it wouldn't be a good thing for me.

But it was just a thought. A random, careless, unsolicited thought, I hope I didn't make anyone mad. Whew! Feels good to get that out.

I leave you with a vision of better days...

Please tell me your tricks of how to handle these crazy kids at the store!(Cuz I don't think the drop-in childcare is going to happen anytime soon :) I seriously am going to pile them all together and start experimenting, so please give me ideas people!
leave a comment, or facebook me (julie luse), or email me at (julie at delight gluten free dot com)

thanks ahead of time!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cancun is a verb! (part 1)

I've decided that Cancun is now a verb in my vocabulary. I wasn't sure what to expect before I went. I had heard stories from Spring-breakers and just figured it was a cheap place to go because it's a party zone and crowded with tourists. But I had hope that we would find relaxation being there's a beach and an ocean, which is exactly what we wanted. And you know what? We found what we were looking for: a relaxing time with a little bit of night life. Cancun is now a verb that means: Come relax by the most spectacular ocean blues and silky white sand, a little mexican flavor and fun waiting for you downtown if you want it. And I want to go right now!

So part 1: The Highlights...

The room where it all went down...(I mean the napping, come on this blog is rated pg)
this was the view from our room...yesssss

We didn't hesitate to hit the beach...

 He fell in love with the crystal blue water...I fell asleep waiting for him to come back...(really he's laughing at me as a man named Lenox invited me to his room for some all inclusive food and drinks...)
But he did finally come back for a romantic walk down the beach...
In which he declared his love for me...while holding my bag (yep, he's secure enough to hold my feminine bag, at least in another country where no one knows him).
And of course I reward him like I should for such chivalry... (am I making you sick yet?)
And we got dressed up for a little date...and we just cannot stop taking pictures of ourselves...We just don't know what to do without kids to take pictures of.

So guess what we did the next day? Oh you guessed it, we hit the beach again...only this time we tried out the cabanas. 
 And it was the moment we stepped foot in front of these here lovely cabanas (is that even what they're called?) I was smitten. 
I didn't want to leave them, I think I could have camped out there for the night. 
I thought...How could I recreate this at home? Doesn't it look easy? Can't one of you DIY bloggers figure this out for me? pplleeaassee!
Oh, and I mustn't forget the little mexican flavor walking around with some snacks on his head. Gotta love it.
And He, who is not so much mexican flavor but more of an irish cream, did not walk around with snacks on his head, but he did try to snag pictures for me while I was glued to my precious cabana (I just couldn't leave, remember?)

I think the Hubs fell in love with these beach beds. And you have to admit, they look so inviting. We usually stopped by later in the day for a little wave watching. When you live in the midwest you can become a little obsessive over the sea and all it's glory. 

So there was a little more night life, a little sunset cruisin, some different sides of the sea and some pool action before heading back to the wonderful expanse of corn and cows. 

Babe! I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone but you. And it's true when they say that when I'm with you I feel like I'm at home. I could go anywhere and do anything (even some state in the middle of the country that is not even remotely close to palm trees, ocean, mountains, etc) as long as I've got you to do it with.

Stay tuned for Part 2: some travel tips, book reviews (remember that stack of books?) and ideas.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just call me...captain cranky pants. (I need to hear it)

So this sweet gal: Hill from Capturing Motherhood blog, is my new virtual friend. Can I even call her that after one email exchange? I’m pretty sure she is called friend by at least a thousand, she is that sweet. And her blog is even sweeter, go check it out. She has started this new thing on Wednesdays; picture me (im)perfect. And it’s about showing that we don’t always have it together. Truly hits on my heart because so often I feel like I’m loosing it. Yet, I poke around at other mom blogs, and they seem to have it so together, so figured out. And then you look at my posts, and I’m putting off the same vibe. So she thought it was a good idea to show the not-so-pretty-blog side of ourselves too and rally together to mom’s to say “you know what? It’s okay! Sometimes it’s tough and we are not perfect, except perfectly broken! Which is a perfect place to be.”

Okay so my perfectly (im) perfect moment happens quite often I’m so embarrassed. It’s in the morning. There is another side of my personality that is reserved for the first moments of the day and it would make you believe I have some kind of split personality. Don’t worry I’ve actually been tested…nothing. Just have to deal with it. I find the worst thoughts come to my head and usually directed to the cutest members of our family for trying to get me out of bed. I’ve tried countless ways to work around this, you name it, I’ve tried it. Putting breakfast out, hanging up black out curtains, noise makers, child locks (only on our guest bedroom’s doors so our kids don’t wake them up), cartoons, pretending to sleep so the hubs will get up with them, putting them to bed super late, pleading with them the night before, pleading with them in the morning, ha – I’ve actually purposely left piles of clothes on my side of the bed so that they won’t come to me, and instead go to his side (sorry babe). I’m telling you, nothing works. My kids still get up at the crack of dawn, and my husband still keeps me up till midnight. And my oldest will even tell you “mom is a little crabby in the morning before her coffee.”

There is one time, mark it, that I was actually able to stick to a newly drawn out schedule to get up right before my children so that I could tell the grouch to take a hike, and sip some coffee in complete silence…ahhh. And that one day was truly glorious. I take vows that I will develop some kind of bedtime routine and make myself go to bed early so that I can get up early. I right out schedules to hit the devos or the gym early to help me deal with the stress of the day. All of these I have failed at and I am still left with this crouchy morning mama thing that is not so pretty.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to suck it up, get up, and do life with these pretty bedhead babies because they are so stinkin’ sweet in the morning and I’m gonna kick myself in 10 years that I missed out on those beautiful moments. But just know, people, this is the single most hardest thing for me: to get out of bed early. For I LOVE sleeping! Another thing I would like to do is to take this pretty card with a note to self and put it right on my nightstand. So before I even hear that morning grunt come on I can read it and be reminded of my more saner self and the woman I want to be in life, and the mother I want these babes to remember.

What do you think? And I would love to know what kinds of things have helped you with this problem? For surely I am not alone in this, right?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wisdom from the wee little people

This happens a lot. I'm in a middle of a stinky attitude or thinking I'm right about something and from the wee little voice of one of my children comes this wisdom and makes me stop and have an excellent point little one!

Well, that happened today.

I'm in the bathroom getting ready. We have one bathroom in this little two bedroom apartment. And it's hard to find privacy here. I just want some in the bathroom sometimes. I'm washing my face and brushing my teeth. Bitty is like a magnet to the bathroom, if the door's open, she's campin out in there. What does she do in there?  One day I just found her standing on the stool and laying her head on the sink. For an 18 month old little girl, sometimes I think she is very strange.

Anyway, back to the story. She is on the stool next to me taking up part of the sink while I wash my face, begging me for her toothbrush and making me splash water on her hands while I have soap in my eyes. Then cue Smasher. He is now taking up another part of the sink...I don't even know what he's doing, execpt just chillin' cuz obviously this is the place to be at this moment.

I then say (in a slightly irritated and loud voice as to be heard over the running water) "Come on guys! I just want to wash my face and brush my teeth by myself, why must I have an audience?!?!"

Smasher's repsonse: (very matter-o-factly) "Because we like you!"

hmmm...well...umm...okay, that's really nice. It's nice to be liked. Nevermind. Someday I'm going to wish they would want to share the sink with me and they will be too cool for that. I'll take it, while I got it!

Thank you wee little ones!

Guess what? I'm linking up again, man I'm on a roll. 
I love this blog Life Made Lovely, and today is...
Life Made Lovely Monday, check it out!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I declare, my favorite day of the week is Saturday. Maybe it's because the expectations are low in the terms of life. We still have stuff to do and accomplish but unlike my husbands day off on Monday, it seems we are not the only ones taking it easy. Our Sunday's are usually filled up with work and other stuff, so Saturday I can count on some resting, some playing, maybe getting ahead in areas where we slacked during the week. Maybe it's football Saturdays in the Fall. Whatever it is, I love Saturdays!


WooHoo I'm linkin up here, check it out. This is my first link up party! SO EXCITING!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Forget me Not Friday

Since blogging is my scrapbooking right now, I've decided to post often a photo from the past of my children and I. The inspiration came after a heart tugging post by Ashley Ann (from 2009)She Left Proof. It's about how mother's should take more pics with their kids, because our excuses not to are far outweighed by the fact that kids are not going to look back and think "they were having a bad hair day in that photo." Forget me Not Friday is a reminder to post photos of me with my kids from the past and the present, and it's in part inspired by Embrace the Camera started by Emily (in which i am hoping to participate in the future) to get in front of the camera intentionally.  I have a hard time looking back on photos of myself, especially the early years with my kids because I'm self doting. But for those little sweetheart's sake, I want them to remember that I sure did love to be with them, no matter the hair day!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Date Night...with my little guy

In an effort to be more intentional with our kids, we've started something lately that has turned out to be pretty cool. We do kid date nights. We alternate between Mom/Son and Dad/Daughter dates to Guy's Night and Girl's Night. And then on the third week, we make it a family night. It will be interesting how we keep it up with our crazy summer plans, but that's all part of the process. 

We went to Target. He wanted to buy me a mirror, because I always carry the mirror from over the fireplace into my bedroom to do my hair. We had some visitors that noticed this crazy behavior and they bought me a mirror for my bedroom, but the kids broke it the next day while playing. So Smasher really wanted to replace it. He said, "Oh, I'll get the door," and he took off so fast I couldn't adjust my camera, so blurry pics are all I got. And he opened those doors without even touching them..."magic.
Then our conversation switched to some kind of rhyming game he came up with and of course we talked a lot about dragons. 

I told him that we should go get some ice cream now. He insisted on taking me to McDonald's so he could play in the kid area while I ordered (and paid with his piggy bank), but I insisted he try something new, like my absolute favorite place Coldstone Creamery. He conceded.

There was burping and giggling and it was was a sweet time! I look forward to more dates. And Smasher, you don't have to get me flowers every time we go out on a date! :)
Disclaimer: I couldn't bare to actually use up all his coins he saved, so while he wasn't looking, I did use my own money. Shhh.

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