Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cancun is a verb! (part 1)

I've decided that Cancun is now a verb in my vocabulary. I wasn't sure what to expect before I went. I had heard stories from Spring-breakers and just figured it was a cheap place to go because it's a party zone and crowded with tourists. But I had hope that we would find relaxation being there's a beach and an ocean, which is exactly what we wanted. And you know what? We found what we were looking for: a relaxing time with a little bit of night life. Cancun is now a verb that means: Come relax by the most spectacular ocean blues and silky white sand, a little mexican flavor and fun waiting for you downtown if you want it. And I want to go back...like right now!

So part 1: The Highlights...

The room where it all went down...(I mean the napping, come on this blog is rated pg)
this was the view from our room...yesssss

We didn't hesitate to hit the beach...

 He fell in love with the crystal blue water...I fell asleep waiting for him to come back...(really he's laughing at me as a man named Lenox invited me to his room for some all inclusive food and drinks...)
But he did finally come back for a romantic walk down the beach...
In which he declared his love for me...while holding my bag (yep, he's secure enough to hold my feminine bag, at least in another country where no one knows him).
And of course I reward him like I should for such chivalry... (am I making you sick yet?)
And we got dressed up for a little date...and we just cannot stop taking pictures of ourselves...We just don't know what to do without kids to take pictures of.

So guess what we did the next day? Oh you guessed it, we hit the beach again...only this time we tried out the cabanas. 
 And it was the moment we stepped foot in front of these here lovely cabanas (is that even what they're called?) I was smitten. 
I didn't want to leave them, I think I could have camped out there for the night. 
I thought...How could I recreate this at home? Doesn't it look easy? Can't one of you DIY bloggers figure this out for me? pplleeaassee!
Oh, and I mustn't forget the little mexican flavor walking around with some snacks on his head. Gotta love it.
And He, who is not so much mexican flavor but more of an irish cream, did not walk around with snacks on his head, but he did try to snag pictures for me while I was glued to my precious cabana (I just couldn't leave, remember?)

I think the Hubs fell in love with these beach beds. And you have to admit, they look so inviting. We usually stopped by later in the day for a little wave watching. When you live in the midwest you can become a little obsessive over the sea and all it's glory. 

So there was a little more night life, a little sunset cruisin, some different sides of the sea and some pool action before heading back to the wonderful expanse of corn and cows. 

Babe! I wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone but you. And it's true when they say that when I'm with you I feel like I'm at home. I could go anywhere and do anything (even some state in the middle of the country that is not even remotely close to palm trees, ocean, mountains, etc) as long as I've got you to do it with.

Stay tuned for Part 2: some travel tips, book reviews (remember that stack of books?) and ideas.

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Justina Dean said...

I want to go there now! Looks like you guys had a blast!

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