Thursday, June 9, 2011

Date Night...with my little guy

In an effort to be more intentional with our kids, we've started something lately that has turned out to be pretty cool. We do kid date nights. We alternate between Mom/Son and Dad/Daughter dates to Guy's Night and Girl's Night. And then on the third week, we make it a family night. It will be interesting how we keep it up with our crazy summer plans, but that's all part of the process. 

We went to Target. He wanted to buy me a mirror, because I always carry the mirror from over the fireplace into my bedroom to do my hair. We had some visitors that noticed this crazy behavior and they bought me a mirror for my bedroom, but the kids broke it the next day while playing. So Smasher really wanted to replace it. He said, "Oh, I'll get the door," and he took off so fast I couldn't adjust my camera, so blurry pics are all I got. And he opened those doors without even touching them..."magic.
Then our conversation switched to some kind of rhyming game he came up with and of course we talked a lot about dragons. 

I told him that we should go get some ice cream now. He insisted on taking me to McDonald's so he could play in the kid area while I ordered (and paid with his piggy bank), but I insisted he try something new, like my absolute favorite place Coldstone Creamery. He conceded.

There was burping and giggling and it was was a sweet time! I look forward to more dates. And Smasher, you don't have to get me flowers every time we go out on a date! :)
Disclaimer: I couldn't bare to actually use up all his coins he saved, so while he wasn't looking, I did use my own money. Shhh.



Anonymous said...

This is fun to read, Julie... miss you guys! Asher is getting to be such a little man and soooo adorable... Come visit us! Oh, and I love all the little extras on your blog. Are those options on Blogger or is it just your mad skills??

Justina Dean said...

Aww. So sweet. Way to go, Ash! He's gonna be prepped to be quite the gentleman one day.

jules said...

awe ladies! So good to hear from both of you! I miss you guys! Tara, I'll be at Camp next week, perhaps I can bump into you. Justina, there is a chance I'll be in CO in two weeks, I'll keep ya posted. Smasher really wants to see his buddy.

I sure do check both your blogs a lot. Can't wait for you to post sometime! :) Don't give up yet.

Miriam said...

Such a WONDERFUL idea...I love it! Thanks for visiting my blog...when I get back home I'll have to explore yours a bit :)

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