Friday, June 10, 2011

Forget me Not Friday

Since blogging is my scrapbooking right now, I've decided to post often a photo from the past of my children and I. The inspiration came after a heart tugging post by Ashley Ann (from 2009)She Left Proof. It's about how mother's should take more pics with their kids, because our excuses not to are far outweighed by the fact that kids are not going to look back and think "they were having a bad hair day in that photo." Forget me Not Friday is a reminder to post photos of me with my kids from the past and the present, and it's in part inspired by Embrace the Camera started by Emily (in which i am hoping to participate in the future) to get in front of the camera intentionally.  I have a hard time looking back on photos of myself, especially the early years with my kids because I'm self doting. But for those little sweetheart's sake, I want them to remember that I sure did love to be with them, no matter the hair day!


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