Thursday, July 28, 2011

An amazing guy deserves some credit!

32 years ago Mr. and Mrs. Pat Luse gave birth a son. 
Had the world never experienced Joshua Patrick Luse 
then it would have missed out. 

An older brother would have missed having some one to pick on, to invent things for, and someone to laugh with.

A mom  and dad who would have missed a little fire ball red headed piece of sweet sunshine.

Even more little brothers and sisters that would have missed a big brother to look up the way they do and they would've missed his after school dates to sabotage!

Girls would've missed their heart throb walking around at school. Some cool guys would've really missed a best bud, a athletic team mate and a stand up guy to be in all of their weddings!

College friends would have missed deep discussions, and a fun, spontaneous friend too.

Sooner than later (since the age of 19), young impressionable junior high and high school kids would've missed the most kind hearted, caring, shepherd-like mentor in their lives - they would have missed all the prayers he prayed for their lives and their futures.

The cool people of Boulder and surrounding areas would have missed a man that many friends and acquaintances called, "so easy to be around," "so genuine and kind," "someone they want to be more like in many ways."

A wife would've missed the best friend she's ever had. She would have missed that best friend who walked her through deep hurts in her life and gave her the gift of travel and adventure.
She would have missed all the challenges that he made her finish.

And she would've have completely missed the two little angels that he gave her, someone no one else could have given her 
exactly this way.

A son would've missed a patient Daddy who talks to him about everything on his mind and in his heart, no matter how far fetched it sounds. He would've missed a dad who has already taught him so much at the age of 5, that he always says "this is what I'm going to teach my son when I am grow up like you Dad."

A daughter would have missed all the delight her dad takes in every little thing she does. She would've missed chanting da-da, da-da, as she awaits him around every corner. A dad who always makes her feel like the most beautiful phenomenon of a girl that the world has ever seen.

Parents and Grandparents would have missed this grown up version of that freckled face boy that now floods their hearts with joy and they would've missed the wisdom they see in this younger man with integrity and graciousness.

And now currently, even more junior high and high school students would've missed the example he has already become in their lives in just a short time and the dreams they have looking forward to an increasingly deeper connection with this awesome guy.

There is many people (even more than mentioned here) that would not have known a man that cared so deeply about them if it wasn't for Josh Luse.

If you love Josh Luse and you'd like to tell, please do! He doesn't know the extent of what people feel for him or what kind of blessing he's been in your lives.

Happy Birthday Josh, I love you!

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