Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sporatic Delightfulness

Our June and July are probably our most sporatic months out of the year. Although tiring, they can also be pretty amazing. But it is probably reflective of my sporatic posting as well. My husband says I should never apologize for not posting, and so this will not be an apology but rather a stay tuned message because I've got lots of good stuff in store for this here ole blog. I have received some encouraging emails, facebook messages and comments that have truly inspired me to continue blogging and reminds me that people actually dig what I'm dishin' out, so I just want to say THANK YOU! And know that if I haven't posted it means that I've spent more time with my kiddos or my hubby or working on a deadline for Delight Magazine. Oohh. Which brings me to the subject of our post today. 

Have you heard of Delight Gluten Free Magazine?
It's an outstanding food magazine for people with food allergies and intolerances. And yours truly is currently working on a deadline for the Fall issue. I work on creative direction, and on design/layout as well as the food photography for this mag. 

For those who don't know...this story is a bit longer, as I am actually the founder of this publication, I will share the full story in another post to come. The Summer issue is currently out and on newstands. The cover photo is mine! If you cannot find it in your neck of the woods then go to the website to check it out, and subscribe if you like it. They have also come out with a digital issue for iphone, droid and ipad. Check it out!

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