Sunday, September 25, 2011


What if I told you that you could create adorable patio furniture, amazing headboards, gorgeous bookshelves, coffee tables, a playhouse, a whole bed, mirror frames, even a whole house for almost free? Would you be interested? 

Well, how free it is depends on your access to wood pallets.In my town, I've discovered a few spots to snag them. Many business sit them out by the dumpster because it's not worth it for them to resell. However, if you cannot find them for free you should be able to buy them used for pretty cheap. 
 Now if you've got the right plan and the right tools, and you have access to some free wood pallets, let me show you some of the amazing things you could create:
gorgeous, I'm obsessed!
daybeds anyone?

I will try 
not to giggle 
like a little girl 
for this one!

Oh headboards, yes, of course! Uh-mazing. 

So what are you waiting for? Are you inspired to go wood pallet hunting? I can't wait to start hoarding snatching up some and planning my next project. 
I would love to hear any other ideas of what you have done with wood pallets or wish you could do with wood pallets. 

photo credits and websites you've GOT to check out(some of them have the building plans):

Also, speaking of FREE...

we caught an air show one of these weekends here and were blown away, literally, by the amazing speed and performance of many old and new aircrafts. We got to sit in cock-pits, tour army hangers, and get up close and personal with fighter jets. *ooh, my favorite was the Stealth Bombers hovering above, gives me chills.

We were able to see the blue angels perform, and if you have not had a chance to see them, it is a must, especially for free entertainment. 
The photos don't quite capture the awesomeness displayed by there performance. The only suggestion I make...earplugs. 

The aircrafts were so close you could almost feel it, and your ear drums definitely felt it. 

But then, there was tradegy that struck.
As people gasped in horror and stopped in their tracks, the explosion quickly turned to dark plumes of smoke.
And people honestly looked around to read the faces of others who may have been to something like this before to see if this was a hoax. Sure enough it was. Just a demo people!
But did I have you going? 

artistically speaking, 

And I've just got to say. 
I love marriage
I love being a family
I love our little adventures!
I love this little life we've created
been given by God
and nothing matters more to me in this little life

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our September List

We did make a summer list but I lost it somewhere in all the chaos and I'm quite certain we didn't accomplish everything on the list. But don't worry. Mom has a solution. We are making lists by the month now of things we want to do. So with that, here is our September List.

These are the things that Smasher decided were of most importance to do before the weather gets cold, and there is a couple I threw in there too.
-bike ride (check, we just did that)
-zoo (trying to bring myself to pay for it, it's a small zoo)
-museum (plan to do it this week before Sept. ends)
-ride the bus (looking forward to this one)
-air show (check, just did this one too)
-catch frogs(We've caught bugs, snails, but not yet frogs)
-camp out (we are running out of warm nights, we may have to get creative)
-get chore chart done (Oh I have this awesome design concept for it and I wanted it done before the start of school, but we may have to save it for October)
-organize closets (I don't know what makes me happier than an organized closet, we just did the kids but there are many more that need some desperate attention here)
-figure out how to make a robot (ummm, this one is given me a run for my money, but I love it that he loves to research and figure things out)
-research cracks (he's been noticing cracks in everything, this idea came to him one morning on the way to school and I am saving it for a pretty awesome blog post)
-Lydie Bitty A-D (She has been getting really good at repeating letters and names and so we are working on a thru d this month)
-Asher Smasher A-D (he knows his letters well, what we are working on is find their sound in everything this month)

~a rule about our monthly lists~
If we don't get something done, no worries, we can add it to the next month lists if we still need to do it. But putting our list of things that we've been wanting to do in a place where we can see it, helps us to be more intentional with our days off of school and our time together, and it's just fun for the whole fam to be involved.

Just wanted to leave you with some cute pics of my 
friend's little girl Lucy. 

We got to babysit her the other day and both my kids 
had such a great time. And I took the opportunity to play baby photographer and work on my mad photoshop skills.

My friend Heather is over at Our Blessed Nest blog and she also has a store called Oliver and Lucy Designs, cute handmade burp cloths, blankets, wet bags, gift sets, and key fobs. I'm sucking up to her right now so that perhaps someday she will show me how to use a sewing machine or perhaps do a giveaway on this blog. Just kiddin' it's really not hard to be nice to Heather, because she is pretty much the sweetest friend ever. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

End of Summer purge

*And because I think this blog and post deserves to link up with The Wiegand's Imperfect, Lovely, Messy, Beautiful Life linky party (see widget at the bottom) I just want to say this:

I am plagued by the "grass is always greener" syndrome. We live in a tiny apartment, in the "ghetto" (more on that later), with only one bathroom, a side yard (if you can even call it that), I cannot go shopping every month, hardly have time to do my hair and I'm really just not that cool or popular in this world. 
However, Joy is available to anyone who chooses it. And we are SO blessed, let our summer pictures just show how rich our lives are not by what we wear, what we look like, where we live or how many followers we have! But that we have each other and we have experiences and adventure. 
 (and now back to our originally scheduled program)

I am sorry to do this to you but I am a procrastinator and seeing as the season of Fall starts TOMORROW, I am going to have to unload all the photos I've been saving from our Summer fun! Perhaps you like this sort of thing, if so, leave me a comment and tell me. For me, it drives me nuts as the blogger because I want to sit and perfect every photo or do something fun and creative with it, but there was just too many to count, a few of them have been spruced up but the rest are what they are. Enjoy! 

There was some bike ridin, graduating to new helmets and a lot of big wheel and scooter action too!

And in this blazin heat, you start to forget that you don't really have a full yard and that a 3 foot by 10 foot-ish side yard is plenty of room for water fun!


Oh yeah, did I mention I am a hair cutter as well as a hair stylist? I didn't chose it, it was chosen for me as my Hubs thought he could train me, and it turns out I'm pretty trainable. However none of this translates to my own hair, it is often undone, and unmaintained, sad, I know!

After, feelin pretty good.
Bitty dove right into the world of painted nails! To my astonishment it's the only time she will sit perfectly still. 
Bitty discovered that sticks are so much more than play guns. 

Just a glimpse of our Fourth!

And then there were many sweet moments with friends, in which, regretfully, many other moments (not shown here) were unaccounted for. But I'm getting better at this documentation. Sorry kids!

Oh yes, and there was time on the farm! (definitely need to document the time here a little better)

Okay, and last but not least, we spent some time at CAMP. It was a crazy two weeks, but there were lots of great experiences (ahem, many of them, once again, not documented).

Bitty found ways to make friends with everyone, 
she such a charmer.
The heat sure did zap her this summer, which is why she seems so laid back in all these photos. She found her favorite uncle Ez! He was a camper.  
 In fact, this sweetie had two of her favorite uncles at camp this week and I just can't get over how sweet they are with her, and they mentor Smasher, he looks up to them with all that he has. 

 For one of the weeks, auntie Nic stayed with us and was not only a huge help but a fun companion for me too!
There are theme nights at camp, but I cannot even think what these hairstyles were for. 

Hawaiin night.

Ummm, I should just let you decide for yourself. This was Caveman night I think, and his nametag says Geiko, get it? 

And then there was fishing. Smasher had been begging me to go fishing and I guess he got impatient and convinced aunt Nic to help him, so they went and found some materials. He was so proud to show me what he came up with. 

It wasn't too long later that they came back with these humongous tadpoles. I'm pretty sure they caught them with their hands, however. 

After deciding that perhaps the homemade fishing pole might not be cutting it, he decided to ensure his success and try some other measures to capture that first fish, he wasn't giving up. He gathered up all of our beach toys, including an old strainer that they took from my kitchen. 

Turns out the net worked the best and a fish was caught. I'm pretty sure, aunt Nic was the main fisherman with Smasher as the assistant. 

It caught the attention of some jr high boys, and Smasher was exuding with confidence. They even decided to try some of his beach toys to catch fish as well, while Smash took a much deserved Frito break. :)

Whew! Well, we got that out of the way. Good Summer. Already thinking of ideas to make next year even better and to document more of these sweet fleeting moments. Thanks for looking, visiting, reading! Until next time. 

And Happy Fall early! :)

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