Sunday, September 25, 2011


What if I told you that you could create adorable patio furniture, amazing headboards, gorgeous bookshelves, coffee tables, a playhouse, a whole bed, mirror frames, even a whole house for almost free? Would you be interested? 

Well, how free it is depends on your access to wood pallets.In my town, I've discovered a few spots to snag them. Many business sit them out by the dumpster because it's not worth it for them to resell. However, if you cannot find them for free you should be able to buy them used for pretty cheap. 
 Now if you've got the right plan and the right tools, and you have access to some free wood pallets, let me show you some of the amazing things you could create:
gorgeous, I'm obsessed!
daybeds anyone?

I will try 
not to giggle 
like a little girl 
for this one!

Oh headboards, yes, of course! Uh-mazing. 

So what are you waiting for? Are you inspired to go wood pallet hunting? I can't wait to start hoarding snatching up some and planning my next project. 
I would love to hear any other ideas of what you have done with wood pallets or wish you could do with wood pallets. 

photo credits and websites you've GOT to check out(some of them have the building plans):

Also, speaking of FREE...

we caught an air show one of these weekends here and were blown away, literally, by the amazing speed and performance of many old and new aircrafts. We got to sit in cock-pits, tour army hangers, and get up close and personal with fighter jets. *ooh, my favorite was the Stealth Bombers hovering above, gives me chills.

We were able to see the blue angels perform, and if you have not had a chance to see them, it is a must, especially for free entertainment. 
The photos don't quite capture the awesomeness displayed by there performance. The only suggestion I make...earplugs. 

The aircrafts were so close you could almost feel it, and your ear drums definitely felt it. 

But then, there was tradegy that struck.
As people gasped in horror and stopped in their tracks, the explosion quickly turned to dark plumes of smoke.
And people honestly looked around to read the faces of others who may have been to something like this before to see if this was a hoax. Sure enough it was. Just a demo people!
But did I have you going? 

artistically speaking, 

And I've just got to say. 
I love marriage
I love being a family
I love our little adventures!
I love this little life we've created
been given by God
and nothing matters more to me in this little life


Ree said...

HA! Love this post! Matt got a bunch of pallets for free and has been breaking them apart to use for fire wood in our fire pit. I've been trying to convince him that they're SO USEFUL, and we should save at least one. I'm totally posting this on his wall :).

Anonymous said...

Well I just gotta say, I love this post and I love your blog! ;0) Those ideas are SO CUTE, I want to scour the town for wood pallets now!

jules ... said...

Oh you girls are so cute!
Ree, thanks for the FB love, I'm sure Matt will get the hint ;)

Bekah, I'm TOTALLY excited if you are going to go hunting for pallets now, I wanna see a blog post about it!

Thanks for commenting, it means so much!

Karen said...

Hey Jules! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Send me your e-mail address, I can't reply because it says "no-reply blogger" instead of your address. I have a couple tricks under my sleeve, like literally 2. I can show you some of the big timers that I follow that have it all figured out.

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