Friday, September 23, 2011

Our September List

We did make a summer list but I lost it somewhere in all the chaos and I'm quite certain we didn't accomplish everything on the list. But don't worry. Mom has a solution. We are making lists by the month now of things we want to do. So with that, here is our September List.

These are the things that Smasher decided were of most importance to do before the weather gets cold, and there is a couple I threw in there too.
-bike ride (check, we just did that)
-zoo (trying to bring myself to pay for it, it's a small zoo)
-museum (plan to do it this week before Sept. ends)
-ride the bus (looking forward to this one)
-air show (check, just did this one too)
-catch frogs(We've caught bugs, snails, but not yet frogs)
-camp out (we are running out of warm nights, we may have to get creative)
-get chore chart done (Oh I have this awesome design concept for it and I wanted it done before the start of school, but we may have to save it for October)
-organize closets (I don't know what makes me happier than an organized closet, we just did the kids but there are many more that need some desperate attention here)
-figure out how to make a robot (ummm, this one is given me a run for my money, but I love it that he loves to research and figure things out)
-research cracks (he's been noticing cracks in everything, this idea came to him one morning on the way to school and I am saving it for a pretty awesome blog post)
-Lydie Bitty A-D (She has been getting really good at repeating letters and names and so we are working on a thru d this month)
-Asher Smasher A-D (he knows his letters well, what we are working on is find their sound in everything this month)

~a rule about our monthly lists~
If we don't get something done, no worries, we can add it to the next month lists if we still need to do it. But putting our list of things that we've been wanting to do in a place where we can see it, helps us to be more intentional with our days off of school and our time together, and it's just fun for the whole fam to be involved.

Just wanted to leave you with some cute pics of my 
friend's little girl Lucy. 

We got to babysit her the other day and both my kids 
had such a great time. And I took the opportunity to play baby photographer and work on my mad photoshop skills.

My friend Heather is over at Our Blessed Nest blog and she also has a store called Oliver and Lucy Designs, cute handmade burp cloths, blankets, wet bags, gift sets, and key fobs. I'm sucking up to her right now so that perhaps someday she will show me how to use a sewing machine or perhaps do a giveaway on this blog. Just kiddin' it's really not hard to be nice to Heather, because she is pretty much the sweetest friend ever. 

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Anonymous said...

Oooh I like the idea of having a "fab family list" every month!!

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