Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

My best idea yet.

The Real Housewives of Nebraska...

This year's Halloween costume, cost me NADA
I didn't have to do my hair or my makeup. And not only that, I was working on great skin all night (that's a real clay mask) and it doesn't rub off like halloween makeup. Oh and my hair was full of volume when those curlers came out. 

And I was so comfy bowling in my slippers that I helped lead my 5 yr old to a victorious 79 points, and that's with bumpers ya'll. :)

I was probably upstaged by my high-fiving adorable fairy and my super strong Captain America's, I was seeing double.

As for the actual Halloween night. I couldn't get them to hold still long enough. This was the best picture out of all of them.

I wish I could have captured their excitement. Lydie couldn't stop moving, she did this funny walk shuffle all night when she learned that a simple "trick or treat" would score her something in a brightly colored package that she thinks is the most wonderful treat on that planet.

But does she really know? I mean, aren't mama's cupcakes the most wonderful treat on the planet? And Asher ditched his mask and shield within seconds of our journey.

He was more focused with saying the appropriate things to yield the desired results. He kept saying "what's the word? Is it trick or treat or is it happy halloween?" at-every-single-house! We finally said, just ask your sister. She had picked up the Classical Conditioning fairly fast. 

And it's pretty fun how parents eat their children's Halloween candy after they go to bed that night. We say we need to sort them and check them, but you and I know what is really going on.


Karen said...

I LOVE your costume!! I did something similar to that a few years ago when I decided last minute to go to a party. Super comfy! I had a Captain America in my house too :)

Anonymous said...

Best costume I've seen yet!! LoL I envy your comfort! Now I'm off to "sort" more candy. ;0)

lauren said...

i need more julie in my life. the end. :)

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