Friday, December 2, 2011

Yep. I'm still alive and still as random as you think kids can kill brain cells?

Well, hellooooo there! Did you miss me, I mean really, did you? I hope so, cuz I sure did miss you...whoever you are still checking in on this here blog.

Do I dare get into all the reasons, excuses for not blogging for the past month? It could be downright depressing, but I'm guessing that it's not something new, for we all have dry spells and chaos spells where the world around us just doesn't stop spinning. I fight it with all I have....

Oh, okay I have to interrupt this blog post to bring you the very fresh words from my five year old..."Mom, do I look like I'm yummy?" I am trying to begin this blog post and listening to my daughter in the kitchen who is clearly done with her food, but is sloshing water all over her tray. Can I just get a break here? "Uh yeah, Asher you look very yummy."

Okay, where was I? Oh, yeah, I was trying to find a way to intro this post with the whole awkward "I'm sorry it's been so long" speech. Screw it. You get the gist.

Okay, so to help launch myself back into blogging here and to launch our fam into the advent season. I've decided to take part in The December Photo Project 2011 that I found via Facebook. I think you should do it with me. It's like most other photo projects...take one photo everyday...yada yada.

Oh...excuse me...she is finally saying "Auh dun" I need to go wipe the sloppy mess off her and out of her hair...I'll be back...........

....okay that was fun. Now where were we? You see? This is why I find it so hard to blog. But I wanted to blog through chaos tonight so that you could see just why I might suffer from Brainfarts as a mom. And in my attempt to be very raw with you, I am totally taking this challenge, even if I cannot come up with very creative things or angles in my photographs....

....uh, kids are screaming, give me a moment.
Oh, yeah, advent and this photo challenge thing. Anyway, it will be sort of like a day in our life if you want to call it that. And this blog post is ringing under the same theme, because this is my life. I could blog later when they go to bed. But when I get alone time, I would rather not be on the computer, well, I will watch something on the computer, but usually I'm working if I'm on the computer.

And you know what? I want to crochet. Yep, that's right, I'm like an old granny, I just want to crochet. Only if I do that too long sometimes my fingers start to feel it, man, talk about old lady.

Or maybe I could take a long luxurious bubble bath. Well, if those darn kids stay in bed then I could possibly pull it off. Are you getting the picture here?

Okay so back to the subject (I am the queen of random right?). So the advent stuff? I've got more to come on that, but we are trying to be real intentional. And just like the photo challenge, I could easily fail anyone of these challenges, just giving you a heads up. But I'm really gonna try.

And with that: Here is my photo for today:
Day 1 (December 1)
Precious Lydie Bugs. She turned 2 yesterday. We did a small family party, I didn't get any amazing professional quality photos of her in a field with flags or by a pond with a tutu or on an antique chair drug into the wilderness with a nice glowing after affect. Fail. She's actually very hard to snap pictures of these days. But I did capture her doing what she does best. Examining her toes. She does this daily, it's so stinkin cute. And I keep telling myself that next year we'll have amazing photos and an over the top birthday party. Cuz next year I will be the amazing mom of my dreams, right? Let's hope so.

okay bedtime. For this blog and for the kids :)


Anonymous said...

I HAVE missed you!!! Glad your back but lordy I understand, being a mama is hard work, let alone getting time to do some bloggin'! I think I'll try this photo challenge you speak of!...well I say that and then I'll end up forgetting or taking only half of the photos.

Anonymous said...

you are the mom of my dreams, well at least your the mom I always dreamed of for my kids. thanks for all you do all day long. you truly are amazing!

Anonymous said...

by the way that last comment was from your grateful hubby:) i love you. Josh

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