Monday, January 16, 2012

It's all about if only I could remember that

Ya know when you find one of those word art pictures on pinterest or whereever and it's like the most simplest thing you've ever seen but you keep thinking about the words over and over and over? It may not even be biblical or true or right, but whatever it was, it touches you and you cannot forget about it.

Well, here's the one I found on pinterest and it has really rocked my world. So simple, yet profound.

I don't know why I am the way that I am, but there is a side of my personality that can really throw a good pitty party. And the strong side of me is like "Pull yourself together girl! What's happened to you. Why can't you be just like all the awesome, always joyful, grateful, patient, gorgeous and creative women and bloggers you compare yourself too? Why do you have to even spend any time of your day thinking about what is not going right, where you have failed, what you don't have, who you are never going to be?"

This "word art" is SO true to me. When I think about my problems, and I compare myself to other women, I don't think about their problems. I think about their lack of problems stacked up against all of my shortcomings and issues.
Nah, Not Fair!!!! 
Seriously, how utterly nuts is that?
If I'm going to compare myself to others, I at least have to play fair
I have to compare my blessings with their blessings, sure, but If I compare my baggage, I have to compare their baggage. 
If I compare my issues, I have to compare their issues. 
And hands down, every time, when I think of their issues, I would never want them

Do you think God knows what some people can handle and what others can? Do you think that our adversity was meant specifically for us in our specific season? I'm starting to think so.

Next time I feel like throwing a pity party maybe I should consider...
...the woman who just shaved her head in expectation of it falling out from the chemotherapy she is going through.
...Maybe I should consider the woman who is coming up on the birthday of her child who never made it to the delivery room.
...Maybe I should think of the woman who lost her dad so unexpectantly last year and has just tried to survive the holidays.
...Or the woman whose husband is gone all the time for work, and their relationship is suffering.
...How about the woman who is overly tired all the time due to a rare and untreatable disease.
...Or the woman who has just been widowed just a week short of having their life insurance approved. ...And not to forget the woman who just had a baby and is now dealing with her 15 month old's tumor and his chemotherapy.

Oh, these things are too horrible to mention. But they happen.
And I am lucky enough not to be one of  them.

Isn't that something to celebrate? 

Oh how perspective, the right perspective, can really change the light in which we see our situations. 

Next time I want to throw a fit 
about not feeling pretty enough, 
skinny enough, 
not being a better blogger.
The next time I cry about my tiny apartment and all I want is a house with a yard. 
The next time I compare my wardrobe, 
my children, 
my marriage, 
my belongings, 
my skills
... I need to take a trip down reality lane 
and really remember what's going on for real in other people's lives. 

Folks, this world has a cruel way of trying to tell us who we are and how we measure up. As women, it is way to easy to succumb the the pressure and instinct of comparisons, and untrue ones at that. But this world and the lies we believe can never give us an accurate picture, only our creator can do that. And this is what I am...


Karen said...

I love this! You know what's funny, if I were to pick from a pile of problems, I would still pick mine even though they are kind of tough. They are mine though, and that's who we are. He made us this way and we love it! Very inspiring post, Jules!

lauren said...

come to my house. the tis all. oh wait--- and i adore reading your blog. :)xoxo

jules ... said...

Oh Karen, I do love your heart. Thanks for commenting and for being so real, and for wearing a smile and positive attitude when you feel tired. You inspire me.

Lauren, yes yes yes, we will come visit soon! I can't wait to see you again.

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