Monday, January 30, 2012

a note to the chillens....your parents are still hip!

Kids...this one is for you. You wonder why Mommy and Daddy have to go and leave you with a sitter sometimes...why wouldn't we want to take you with us? I know it's hard to understand now, but we are learning valuable skills that will make us better parents, and funner too. Promise. In fact, even though you may think thirty-somethings like us don't really have much fun, I'm sure you think we just go to bed just minutes after tucking you in. But I need to let you in on a little secret.

Mommy and Daddy are crazy. YEs. Believe it. We sneak out to go to concerts and crazy stuff like that when we leave you with a sitter. So our latest adventure? The Album Leaf.

That's the name of the band. The Album Leaf is the solo project of Jimmy LaValle, a San Diego-based songwriter who began recording solo material one year after forming the post-rock band Tristeza. Inspired by a number of genres, classical, jazz and post rock among them, LaValle constructed his own songs in a similarly electric manner, utilizing everything from ambient noises to field recordings to radio transmissions.

The sound is somewhat eclectic but it will draw you in. The show is exciting to watch as LaValle and his band use unconventional ways to come up with each sound. Chances are you've heard some of their music in videos you've seen, as The Album Leaf's sound mesh well with that genre. I have some of their music in my player on the side.

You can also check them out at

(these pics from my phone, not the best quality, but I didn't feel cool enough lugging my big camera to the concert)

We had a good time!


lauren said...

you guys are cute. :) and so obviously hip. ;)

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