Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Teach them to care for the world....a fun story that started with leftover rice!

Teach them to care for the world...

This story starts with a handful of rice...

Okay, it all started with one of those parent moments that you told yourself when you were a kid would never happen. You know when something flies out of your mouth and suddenly you realize that your saying the things that your parents said to you.

So picture it, takes place at the dinner table. Asher doesn't want to finish his rice and out of my mouth comes "you know there is actually a rice shortage in some parts of the world..." No, really, I heard there is. I meant in a "can you believe that?" kind of way because I don't understand why there is so much rice wasting away on supermarket shelves in the US when other countries are in need. And for that reason, I wanted him to eat it up.

But it turned into something else.

Picture me cleaning Lydie up and rinsing off dishes at the sink, while my hubs begins to tell my son this big ficticious story about a boy in Africa named, Garhakdklhksee (yeah, he couldn't say it the same each time he said it) and his whole family who sleep on the ground and sometimes don't have enough to eat.

I don't think Josh knew what the outcome of that story would be.
Asher did eat his rice.
But became very very curious.
He started asking questions...well, does Garkehjkhls have shoes, a bed, toys? How about his sister? And his mom and dad? We answered as truthfully as we thought we could about this fake character.
While getting Asher in his pjs and getting ready for bed, the questions would not stop. "Does he get to go to school?" "Does he have medicine when he is sick?" "Is his water clean?" on and on.

Finally, he says. "Can we send him some food and toys?" 
"Well, no, but we could send some money so his family can get these things." Josh said.
So he pulls out his piggy bank full of coins. (mind you, this is a boy who is usually very greedy with his money and is convinced he's saving up for a humongous four wheeler or something).
Josh gets an envelope, and Asher scoops handfuls of his money into it. He says, "How many shirts and pants to I have in my closet." He makes Josh count, it was like 10 maybe. 
"I want him to be able to buy more than 10 shirts and pants, 
and how many pairs of shoes does mom have"? 
Josh says, "Oh, I don't know like 7 pairs or more."
"Well, I want this boy to be able to buy like 17 pairs of shoes. Is there enough in there for that?"
Josh says, "We might not have quite enough for that."
Asher scoops more handfuls from his piggy bank. 

And then he makes Josh write a note to Gukjljfghjkehly telling him that he wants him to buy all the things that he has and all the food his family needs and especially a bed for each member of his family.
Asher is really concerned that this money gets to this boy with clear instructions. Josh assures him that it will.

We put the kids to bed. But Asher cannot sleep. He keeps coming out to ask more questions..."Do you think he has a cool car blanket and a lamp in his room in case he's scared at night?" We finally have to tell him he just has to go to bed and he has to stop thinking about this boy for tonight.

So after all of that, we are compelled to do something. We were considering supporting a kid or family through some agency for a while now and Josh and I were convinced we needed to be able to tell Asher in the morning that his money was really going to help a boy from another country.

So we did it.
He was very excited.

The funny thing is, he really takes it seriously. He started telling everyone that he has a brother. 

Imagine the confusion when Grammy came to visit and the first thing he said to her was "I have a brother!" We had to explain that one. He knows we didn't adopt, that we are just supporting. But he thinks about this guy all the time. 
His name is Guyvenson Jean. I tried to choose a name as crazy as the one Josh made up. He's 5, same age as Asher and his birthday is in the same month as Asher's. He has a brother and a mom and dad. 
Josh wanted me to pick a child from an area of the world that we are interested in adopting someday and he's always had Africa on his heart, but in recent years, Haiti has been on mine. 
So Guyvenson is from Haiti. 
Asher prays for Guyvenson on his own at night so often. And sometimes he says to me "I just want to play with Guyvenson, can we visit him?" Well, someday son we might be able to. 

Thank you for caring for the world Asher! I love how tender your heart is!

Thanks for reading!


Student Ministry said...

LOVE it - you are raising one compassionate and cool dude!

Anonymous said...

Ack, that is pure sweetness right there!

Ellen said...

Great story, Julie! Asher's got a huge heart, and it's awesome how the whole thing unfolded. We've considered sponsoring a child too, but I got overwhelmed at all the choices and needs. I'll have to look into it again.

P.S. I love Lydie's pink tutu skirt. Bethany wears one like that almost every day! :)

jules ... said...

Thanks for the comments guys. Ellen, I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed, I felt the same for years and when it came to pick out a child. We decided to have some goals going into it: 1.) pick a country we wouldn't mind adopting or visiting someday to help. 2.) We wanted a child Asher's age and that was into the same things, since this was his big decision. On the profile they will list what the child likes to do. I think Guyvenson loved to sing and he loved to play ball (just like Asher). 3. You can't go wrong! :) I hope you do someday.

miss you.

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