Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, I miss snow...oh, and I'm FATastic!

(Update: While I was writing this blog post last night, it actually started snowing outside...he he he)
not enough to count though...
I know it will make some cringe, but I'm just gonna say it...I miss the snow. It's been a bleak winter here in Nebraska. And although I don't miss the bitter cold temperatures, ya know, the kind that freeze the snot in your nose the second you walk out the door. But I sure do miss the white stuff to go out and play in. We've had two snows this winter that didn't stick around long enough to plan an outing or didn't amount to much.

But you know what I mean? Those huge fluffy snowflakes that just keep falling, school gets called off, and  it feels like christmas morning. And the kid inside wants to come out and play. The kind of snow days that urge you to light the fire, make the cocoa and plan a stocking up trip to the store.

 Yes, this kind of snow. Which actually took place in Colorado. Oh what fun we had!
And when it snows in Colorado, you really do take advantage of it, because it truly does disappear quickly.

Oh, and the baking. I really am not a huge baker. But when it snows, it's a family affair...

Oh and Asher got ahold of my label maker and was making labels for each person in our household. Like for himself he printed out Cool Kid, and dad had some cool name like Shark. And I found this little nugget on my nightstand.

Now I'm guessing he thinks I'm a Fantastic Mom and I would had been pretty impressed, only there is no way my 5 yr old would be even this close to the right spelling. So imagine how interesting I thought it was that my hubby helped him spell all the labels. "Umm, honey, you think I'm Fat or was this just some kind of slip of subconscious?" To his defense, he was just spelling it the way he was pronouncing it, in which he is correct. He does say it like Fah-tastic. Okay Honey you're off the hook! :) 

Happy Monday!

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Cason and Marie said...

What a fun blog!

Thanks so much for the comment and compliments on by blog.

I made the cream bow with the pink flower in the center. (the one she is wearing with the dress) and the cream flower (the one she is wearing with her pjs) my sister in law made for me. Thanks for the nice compliment!

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