Thursday, February 9, 2012

The days are long (really long) but the years are short!

I need a reminder today of the good times. 
Because today it's hard to see past the hard times. 
In fact, this whole week with the kids has been hard. 

I honestly think that staying home with your children is harder than having a career. 
And to you nay sayers that think that stay at home moms just sit around in our pjs and relax all day...
well...I think this is another post idea. I've got too much to say about that. 

I would love to get away, make some money, contribute to the world, feel like I've accomplished something, have the house actually stay clean for an hour or more, actually feel like a real woman with my hair and makeup done and clean nice clothes to wear (of course mine are in the laundry pile). 
I would love to not feel like I need to shower for the third time after dishes, meals, poopy diapers and the sweat from bending over a thousand times to pick up toys and clothes.
I would love to be able to check out mentally, surf the internet, do some shopping, read anything in completion, enjoy my coffee or my food by myself, paint my toenails, listen to what I want to listen to in the car, watch what I want to watch on tv. 
How about take a hot shower without being interrupted or a long "luxurious" bubble bath. 

Staying home is not easy, 
it's selfless.
 And it's pretty hard to give up on me all day and put others first. 
So ya, today I need to remember that my years are short with these needy creatures and someday I will actually wish I could have them back. 
Very hard to see that right now!

So, here are some memories I want to keep vivid. 
We finally got some snow days. 

Thanks for visiting. 
Encouragement Welcome.... 

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Anonymous said...

You are pretty amazing. I love those kids but I also know the challenges of full 24 hour days that have no breaks in them from those little guys. You are such an amazing woman and such an incredible mom. You are their hero. Thanks for everything you do and you constant unselfishness to serve them and me. We think the world of you! Josh

lauren said...

:) awwwww..... your hubs loves you. :) cuteness. i hear ya friend. how can i encourage you...? how about this thought that buoys me up on those days--- i don't have to go out looking for getting holy opportunities. God has brought them right to my lap. he loves me that much. if i was single and able to do all those things you listed -- how hard i would have to work at getting over myself. possibly impossible. we're getting holy.. shedding selfishness like a second skin.. and goodness sakes if that isn't painful. love you and your amazing momma ways! :)

Ree said...

Oh girl, we must have had the same day on Thursday!! Love the snow pics!! And thankful for you!!!

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