Wednesday, February 15, 2012

just sharing the love...

Okay, this is a brief post, but oh so important. I've recently plunged into the world of couponing and it's hard when you have to buy specific allergy-free foods for your family or you have a standard of what kinds of products you want your family to have. One of our family's favorite products is Smart Balance. But you can hardly find amazing deals on it. We love to use their butter and peanut butter. Well, I found a fab deal that I hope you take advantage of before it's gone.

Head over to the Smart Balance website...send some stinkin adorable and cool e-cards from their site-no, it's not too late to send an e-card for v-day. When you send three e-cards you will automatically qualify to print off their $3 off any 3 Smart Balance products coupon. Expires 4-10, so there is time to wait for it to go on sale, then use your coupon and really save!

Oh, and more good news! 
For those of you with a Russ's Market in your town, they just started their 10 for $10.00 Mix and Match sale. Click here to see the flyer on their website. You will have to choose your store and then click on the 10 for $10 weekly ad. 
**I just called them to clarify if I actually had to buy 10 of each item in order to get the sale or if I could mix and match among the sale items. They said YES, you can mix and match, so you could buy one of each item or more from the 5 page sale ad and still everything is 10 for $10. 
YAY! combine this sale with any manufacturer coupons you can find and you've got yourself one heck of a deal! Sale ends Tuesday 2/21

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