Friday, March 16, 2012

You are what you eat...

Hi, welcome to Foodie Friday. No recipe today, but important information about how food affects our children. Some people believe this to be a myth or an excuse...but I have seen first hand the difference some foods or lack there of make in my children's ability to concentrate, behave and stay calm. I've especially seen different food dyes played out in my child's behavior through aggression.  While I have not been able to eliminate ALL food dyes from my children's diet, I have been able to observe which ones affect my child over the others, and have noticed a difference when we eliminate just a couple that are the culprits. More to come on my personal experimentation with my own kids. But If you've been curious about how certain foods and dyes affect your child's behavior, please read this article.

New Research Implicates Food Dyes in Children's Behavior Problems

Have your kids lost their minds? Are you losing yours?

This lens will help any parent who worries about their kids' behavior. Many food choices contain artificial food coloring that can have negative effects upon children's behavior, impulse control, attention, ability to focus, learning, thinking, and energy level. Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of food dyes, especially those with ADHD and ADD.

This lens will educate you on the dangers of food dyes and point you in the right direction for your child's nutrition and health. Kids' brains absorb about 50% of what they eat, so natural foods and natural supplements are critical for brain health!

It's time for artificial food dyes to die!

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ellen said...

I feel like I'm going to open Pandora's box soon when it comes to food. I've turned a blind eye because I didn't want to think about it, but I'm thinking about it more and more lately. This link is one more nudge in that direction. Thanks for sharing.

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