Monday, September 10, 2012

A day in the life of a food photographer

I became a food photographer a few years ago when I launched Delight Gluten Free Magazine, a fun food magazine for people with food allergies. I really need to write a post about the beginning of that exciting journey. But today's post is about the present. So to bring you up to speed (the short version), the magazine became a big success and I learned a lot of interesting skills through necessity. It became too big for one person to handle so last year I sold the magazine to SideWalk Media in NYC and stayed on as Creative Director till the end of the year. Now I focus on my little family and other things that God has called me too, but I still get to do some fun things with my little (now big) magazine, I get to make food and photograph it!

While I'm sure it sounds so glorious, trust me, working from home with two crazy kids can be a little chaotic, but I am very grateful that still have an outlet with Delight. So with that...I present to you:

The Studio

The Setup

The Mess

The Duds

The Babysitters (toys)

The Patience

The Taste Tester

The Cleanup

The Talent

The Work Hat

The Entertainment

The Special Diet

The Final Product ...
So you will have to wait until the Winter Issue of
Delight Gluten Free Magazine is out to see the final product. 

This post brought to you by Caribou Coffee...JK I wish!

Disclaimer: Though my photos may show a calm and relaxed day in the life, I assure you that there was plenty of quarreling and fighting and screaming and tantrums that took place during the shoot that I did not have the mind to photograph. It's not all rainbows and roses working from home in the chaos of kids. 

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JStryker said...

I love your stories! You have wisdom and a very grounded perspective on life.

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