Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make a Fall bucket list

Fall is almost here! I want to start decorating oh yes, but part of me still loves the muted floral tones of yellow and green. But Fall is absolutely my favorite season. The weather, the smells, the colors (orange and burnt red), the leaves, the special coffee drinks, the bon fires, the baking...oh I have to stop it's going to ruin my contentment on this 80-degree day we will end up having.

I found the cutest thing on pinterest. Why not make a bucket list for the different seasons, really take them in and make them special for the whole family? We already do a monthly list on our chalkboard, but if I had a whole season to accomplish things, it might seem more doable and if they were geared towards creating memories (and therefore, blog posts) then more power to it!

This link blew up on pinterest last year. People kept pinning it over and over, and blogging about it as if it was their own. The creator Katie, from Loves of Life, tried to defend her creation by asking people to post the correct source for her design, mostly because she wanted people to be able to print it. I'm a fan of this girl, and want to post it right and do it justice because it was an amazing idea. So thanks Katie for helping us all enjoy the season more than ever!

Here is the Fall 2012 Bucket List, click below for the printable (without the watermark)

Katie, suggests you Click to magnify and print as an 8x10 (with a bit of trimming), or keep smaller for a 5x7. Put it behind a glass frame and you can check off your bucket list with a dry erase marker! 

Great Idea!

And you can visit Katie's blog here:

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