Friday, February 1, 2013

Surprise Cupcakes!

I love February! 
Maybe it's that to me, it's like the start of the year because January is spent getting my head on straight and recovering from holidays and school breaks.
Maybe it's because no matter what sense of style you have red and pink go together during this month!
Maybe it's because no matter how feminine you are, hearts are cool and expected!
Maybe it's because it is a month to indulge in sweet nothings for the sake of showering love on those around you!

Yay, it's February! There are great things in store this month! 

I wanted to share with you the easiest recipe ever to start showing your people little people call these cupcakes Surprise Cupcakes because a little something extra is on the inside. It goes with our overall household theme of spies and secret agents which are what my kids claim to be each and every day. The little people here tried to coin the phrase Spy Cupcakes, but we thought Surprise might fit better since everyone knows how secret and sneaky spies are, and as soon you take your first bite, this secret is blown!

Easy Peasy Surprise Cupcakes!
There is nothing better than a sweet and exciting treat that is easy to make, easy to remember, and you might just have everything you need just sittin' in your pantry. No really, go take a look!

1 box of yellow, white or chocolate cake mix (I used Betty Crocker Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix)
ingredients to make your cake mix like oil, eggs, vanilla and water
frosting  (I suggest two different kinds)

1. Make and bake cake mix by following directions on box, follow the cupcake instructions.
2. With a sharp knife cut a round hole in the top of your cupcake. You want this cut out to go down far but not all the way to the bottom.

3. Fill center full of frosting. 

4. Cut the bottom part off of the center piece you cut off so you just have a top piece to put on top of your frosting. 

5. Place the top on the cupcake try to line it up as best you can. 

6. Now frost that puppy and sprinkle with delight! * No need to have cake decorating utensils on hand, just plastic baggies stuffed with frosting and the tiny tip of the corner cut off. 

More great stuff coming this month! Stay tuned.

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